Japan–India Technology Matchmaking Platform (JITMAP)

JITMAP is a multi-stakeholder platform initiated to promote the engagement and matching of Japanese and Indian stakeholders, public and private, to facilitate mutually beneficial transactions in environmental technologies (ETs) and low carbon technologies (LCTs) which include energy efficient technologies (EETs) and renewable energy technologies (RETs)

About us

JITMAP aims to connect Japanese manufacturers of low carbon technologies (LCTs) and environmental technologies (ETs) with Indian industries that are looking for such technologies, to the benefit of both sides.

Japanese companies are globally renowned for their low carbon technologies (LCTs)—which include energy efficient technologies (EETs), best operating practices (BOP), and renewable energy technologies (RETs)—as well as for environmental technologies (ETs) that help reduce the negative impacts of technology on the environment. India offers a huge potential market for such technologies, with Indian companies striving to find ways to improve their profitability by reducing energy and resource costs. Yet this market remains largely untapped, because the players in both Japan and India often lack the required information, knowledge and expertise to bring the technology transfer process to a satisfactory completion.

Since 2010, IGES and TERI have in partnership successfully promoted LCT transfers from Japan to India, engaging entities in both public and private sectors, and involving intensive studies and activities in both countries. Since 2020, the technology transfers have expanded to include ETs.

Core Members

IGES and TERI are the Core Members of JITMAP .

The Core Members identify and invite appropriate stakeholders from Japan and India to join JITMAP as Partners to promote LCT deployment.


Partners are stakeholders from Japan and India who are working on LCT promotion activities in some capacity and are willing to accelerate the deployment of LCTs among Indian companies.

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